Sandbox WhatsApp API

Available only for the 360dialog WhatsApp API provider.

To test your chatbot on a sandbox WhatsApp API, follow the steps:

Step 1: Get the Test API Key

As a response, you will receive your TestAPI-KEY.This API-KEYis associated with your phone WhatsApp number. Now you are able to use the 360dialog WhatsApp API.

Step 2: Setup your WhatsApp API on WotNot

  • Goto Channel Configuration -> WhatsApp -> Configuration.

  • Click 'Already have a WhatsApp API'.

  • Choose '360dialog' from the provider dropdown.

  • Add the test phone number 4930609859535

  • Add the API-KEY

  • Click 'Save'

Step 3: Select the sandbox number on your bot

  • Open the WhatsApp bot you want to test

  • Open the trigger action block

  • Choose the 4930609859535 under the 'WhatsApp number' dropdown.

  • Deploy the bot

  • Text the 4930609859535 number with 'Hi'

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