Create contact record on your HubSpot account.

Available on the STARTER plan and above.

Hubspot is a popular CRM tool for all kinds of businesses. Although it has grown to offer other functions like ticketing, email automation, etc., it is primarily used by businesses as their CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool.

With this integration, you can create a contact on HubSpot in real time based on the details collected by the bot.

Connect the account:

Connect your HubSpot account by authorizing the access and choosing the account from the list. HubSpot's authorization will open in a new window. Please make sure that you have not blocked the pop-up window from opening.

Map the fields:

You can map the HubSpot fields with the variables defined in the bot builder. This way, whatever values stored in WotNot's variables will be mapped against the HubSpot fields that you choose here

The maximum number of fields you can map is capped at 50

Define next steps

Every Freshdesk action block will have two outcomes - Success or Failure.

You can define the success and failure actions as per your need.

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