Embed chatbots on website

Embed the chatbot as a chat bubble or as an iframe on your webpage.

Wotnot supports two ways of adding the chatbot on your website,

  1. Embed as a chat bubble

  2. Embed as an iframe

Step 1: Get the embed code of the chatbot

To embed a chatbot on a webpage, simply click on the 3 dots icon on the bot management screen and choose 'Embed'.

Step 2: Copy and paste the Embed code

Copy & paste the code snippet on the website where you want to embed the chatbot.

There are 2 ways to embed.

Embed as chat bubble

Shows up as a small bubble on the corner of your website. Bubble can open/close on click.

Always make sure you add the chat widget code on the <body> of the website HTML so that it displays on all pages of your website.

Chat bubble code
<script src='https://app.wotnot.io/chat-widget/KYi3WCJkk9if101023723428bvMtch1n.js' defer></script>

Embed as iframe

Embeds the chat widget inside a section of a webpage. The chatbot is fixed and does not open/close.

You can enable or disable the header of the embed i.e. the green portion you see on top by writing display_header=false.

Also, you can add a frameborder using the field frameborder="1".

Iframe embed code
<iframe width="640" height="480" src="https://embed.wotnot.io/KYi3WCJkk9if101023723428bvMtch1n/bot/cJWQqh5anku8082500522107fJTkw94W?display_header=false&history_retention=false" frameborder="0"></iframe>

You can change the height and the width of the chatbot or chatbot screen based on your preference by making changes in the above code, under "Height" & "Width" option by using either pixels (px) or percent (%)

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