Purchasing a subscription

To purchase a subscription of WotNot, follow these steps:

  • Login to your WotNot account

  • Go to 'Settings -> Account -> Billing

  • Click on 'Get Subscription'

  • Toggle between 'Billed Monthly' or 'Billed Annually' as per your preference

  • Click on 'Choose' to choose the plan from the available options based on your preference & requirement

  • Fill out the required details on the billing page, such as billing name, address, card details, etc.

  • Click on 'Pay using this Card' to initiate the payment

Once payment is successful, you can download the invoice, and all features of that plan will be enabled on your account.

Supported payment methods:

  • Monthly subscription - Credit/Debit card

  • Annual subscription - Wire transfer*

*for wire transfer details, reach out to hello@wotnot.io.

To inquire about the ENTERPRISE / CUSTOM plan, reach out to hello@wotnot.io

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