Calendar action block is used for collecting date from the or for booking appointments

The calendar action block opens a calendar UI in the chat widget. Visitors can choose a date from the calendar view.

Some use cases of the calendar block are appointment booking, requesting a callback, and entering a date of birth.

Here is what you need to setup the calendar action block:


Before showing the calendar UI, you need to ask a question to let users know why they are seeing it in the first place.

For example, โ€œSelect your desired date of appointmentโ€.


Variables store the date selected by the user so that it can be referenced later.

You can choose an existing variable from the dropdown or create a new one.

Learn more about variables here.

Other configurations

Few more configuration options you can use:

Nature of date selection

You can choose to allow users to select from a single date selection or a date range selection. Currently, only single date selection is available for use.

Show past dates

Enabling this will allow visitors to choose past dates from today as well. Disabling it will only show the dates from today to the future.

Exclude days

You can choose to exclude certain days of the week, like Saturday and Sunday, from this dropdown. Doing so will always prevent those days from showing up in the calendar UI.

Exclude specific dates

You can click on the calendar icon and select the date you want to disable in the calendar UI. These could be to hide dates of public holidays in your region.

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