Reply buttons

Render up to three buttons in your conversation flow on WhatsApp.

This action block is only supported for the WhatsApp channel for the following BSPs: 360Dialog, Meta, and GupShup.

The Reply Button action block gives your visitors different options to choose from using buttons, making it easier for them to submit an input.

The Reply Button action block is made up for 4 sections;

  1. Header

  2. Body

  3. Footer

  4. Buttons / Options

Let’s understand each section in brief:

Header is usually the standout portion of the message. Usually, it consists of the heading text or a cover image.

Type of headers that you can configure;


Add a static text displayed in ‘Bold’ Example: “Welcome to WotNot”

Media (Static)

Add a static text displayed in ‘Bold’ Example: “Welcome to WotNot”

Media (Dynamic)

Send a dynamic image, video or file by using a variable. The variable needs to contain a publicly hosted file URL. Example: Invoices or personalised images with name.


Here, you can write the question which will be sent along with the list of buttons. Something contextual to the options they would see like “Select the category of your problem”.

Allows you to add any sort of disclaimer or information that the user needs to be aware of.

Will be displayed in a small grey colour font beneath the body.

Example: “Choose one of the option from displayed options”

Buttons or Options:

Buttons is what this block is all about, so you can add up to 3 reply buttons here.

For example, if you are an ecommerce company and want to collect the category of a support query, your options would be – Product related, Refund related, Delivery related

Note: You can add up to 3 buttons as per the guidelines from WhatsApp


Variables are used to store the option selected by the visitor, so you can reference it for later use.

You can either choose an existing variable from the dropdown or create a new one.

Learn more about variables here.

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