Custom Answers

Override AI generated responses with custom answers defined by you.

Available on the PREMIUM plan and above.

Using AI to generate responses can sometimes be right or wrong.

Usually, this happens because

  • Your knowledge base has incorrect or duplicate information

  • The prompts used are not specific/brief for the AI

To solve this problem and help you always get correct answers, we have launched Custom answers.

How it works

Step 1: Review the answers

First, you review all the questions users ask the AI on the "Custom answers" page.

  • Click on AI Studio -> Custom answers and view all questions asked to the AI

Use the pre-built queues, 'Downvoted' and 'All,' to view all answers and the answers generated by the AI.

Step 2: Customize the answers

The questions you find incorrectly answered, just click on the 'Modify answer' button and override the answer.

Make sure to write at least 100 characters in your response.

Once saved, this question and the answer would be added to the knowledge base as a 'Text' source.

Make sure you do not delete these text data sources that were added automatically.

Deleting them will result in receiving the wrong answers.

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