Adds a specified wait time to the flow.

Using the delay action block, the chatbot will intensionally show a typing indicator for the specified duration before proceeding to the next step in the chatbot flow.

You can add delays from 1s, 2s, 5s, and 10s.

Setting up 'Delay' action block

Alternatively, if you want to generally add delays to all your chatbot messages you can goto Channel configuration -> Web -> General settings.

Delay (in outbound bots)

Adds an intentional delay period for which the contacts do not proceed forward in the execution flow.

You can add the following type of delay:

  • Relative - for a relative time period i.e. 4 hours, 5 days etc.

  • Fixed - exact date/time i.e. 21 Jun 2024 10 am America/New York

You can see the number of contacts in the wait queue until the contacts are delayed.

Deleting the 'Delay' action block will allow the waiting contacts to proceed immediately to the next step of the flow.

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