Collects multiple inputs in a single go.

Using the form action block, you can collect multiple inputs in a single view making it easier for the user to submit and saving time. Also, this helps reduce drop-offs, as users tend to exit if the chatbot asks for multiple questions in the chat flow.

Form action block consists of the following:


Before showing the form itself, this question helps set the context of why the user is being asked to complete the form.

For example, β€œCan you please help me with your contact information?”

Form fields

Form fields are individual inputs that make up the form. Users must fill these fields out to proceed in the chat flow.

Each form field is made up of the following;

  • Name of the field – Provide the name of the field that will appear to your visitor.

  • Variable – Map the variable in which the response provided by the visitors will be stored.

  • Optional flag – You can choose to keep this form field as optional.

You can add a maximum of up to 5 form fields.

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