Chatbot Appearance

Customize the look and feel of the chat widget.

To access the Appearance screen, you can go to 'Channel Configuration -> Web -> Appearance'.

Customizations available

The following are configurations that can be customized to your chatbot:

  • Widget iconβ€”You can now have your own widget icon appear on your webpage or website. We recommend a size of 64 x 64.

  • Header text - This allows you to name your bot as per your preference.

  • Header logo - This allows you to have the profile image for your bot. The size that we recommend is 512 x 512.

  • Bot iconβ€”This will allow you to set the bot icon that will be visible to visitors. We recommend a size of 512 x 512.

  • Hint text - You can customize the text that you would like to make it visible to your visitors

  • Accent colorβ€”This allows you to set the bot's color and provides the option to choose a color that complements your brand color on the website.

  • Font colorβ€”You also have the option of setting the font's color to match the primary color.

  • Chat interface positionβ€”You can define the bot's position. It can be set on the right or the left of the screen, as you prefer.

General Settings

Going to Web -> General settings shows you more configurations for your chat widget.

  • Typing speed - The delay the system will add to the chatbot.

  • Remove 'powered by' branding - Remove the WotNot branding from your chat widget.

  • Play sound - Plays a sound for every message sent/received.

  • Stop bouncing animation - Stops the animation of the chat widget.

  • CSAT survey - Asks the user to submit a survey at the end of the chat.

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