Send an email

Sends an email notification to notify about an event occurring in the chat flow.

Send an Email action block is used for sending real time email notification to internal stakeholders about the conversation that happened between the chatbot and the visitor.

Send an Email action block is made of the following:


You can add the email IDs of the recipients or internal stakeholders who will be notified about the conversation that happened between the chatbot and visitor.

Just like the emails, you can configure the ID’s in following fields:

  • To

  • CC

  • BCC


Allows you to define the subject name for this email notification. By default it will be β€œLead generated via WotNot”

Note: You can even use the variables in the subject


Brief overview of the information that you want your stakeholders to be notified about.

For example, if I want to be notified about a new lead generated by the bot. You would use the following body:

Hey! A new lead was generated by the bot.

Here are the details:

Name: { name}

Email: {email}

Phone: {phone}

Description: {info}

Location: {city}, {country}

Webpage: {url}

Note: You can use variables in the email.

Include chat transcript

By enabling this, we will include the entire conversation history between the user and the bot till this point. It will allow your team to look at the chat exactly as it occurred.

After enabling this, you can still add the body for more context. This will be added at the bottom of the email.

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