Create a lead object on Salesforce

Available in the STARTER plan and above.

Using the salesforce integration, you can create a lead on your Salesforce account using the information collected by the chatbot in the chat flow.

Connect your Salesforce account

First, you must connect your Salesforce account by adding your organization ID.

You can either add it from the action panel on the App Market page.

Choose Environment:

You can choose the environment that you want to use for this action block.

  • Sandbox

  • Production

Map the Salesforce fields:

You can map the Salesforce fields with the variables defined in the bot builder. This way, whatever values stored in WotNot's variables will be mapped against the Salesforce fields that you choose here

You can map both default and custom fields of Salesforce here The maximum number of fields you can map is capped at 50

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