Breaks down larger flows into manageable chunks.

Flow action block is used to segment parts of your chatbot tree into smaller flows.

For example, if you have three items in your menu like Explore WotNot / Talk to sales / Support, instead of building all the flows in one tree, you will build three flow with the same names. So that each flow has only its flow in it.

How does it help?

  • Creating smaller manageable flows for each path

  • Easier navigation between conversational flow

  • Easier onboarding of teams to the chatbot

Setting up 'Flow' action block

Creating a flow

  • Click on + and choose the 'Flow' action block

  • Double click on the 'Flow' action block to open its flow

    • Or, open the right panel and choose 'Open flow'

If you already have a flow already built that you want to move inside a 'Flow' action block, follow these steps:

  • Hold shift and select the area of action blocks you want to move

  • Click on the 'Move' icon

  • The highlighted flow will be moved to your desired 'Flow' action block

To navigate between flows, click on the name of the flow or 'Home' button visible on the top left corner of the canvas.

You can also return to the root flow, by clicking on the Home icon.

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