Cloning bots

Duplicate your chatbot.

We know that there are different channels that the businesses are engaged in, and building the same bot again & again for different channels can be time-consuming.

In order to avoid this, we support the cloning of bots from one channel to another.


You must have 'Deployed' the chatbot at least once. Meaning you should have click the 'Deploy' button inside the chatbot flow once.


Follow these steps to clone your bot:

  • Go to 'Bot Builder' & hover over the 'Bot' you want to clone.

  • Click on 'Menu' to see the list of actions that can be performed on this bot.

  • Click on 'Clone' & select the 'Channel'.


  • When cloning bots from one channel to another, you will see some warnings to replace the non-compatible action blocks.

    • For instance, 'Carousel' is not supported in 'WhatsApp' channel.

  • You will see a warning modal when you open the copied bot.

  • Copied bots have a prefix 'Copy of' to their name. You can change the name on the canvas.

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