Allows visitors to book a meeting with the user.

Available on the STARTER plan and above.

Available on the WEB channel only.

Calendly action block is used when you want to allow users to book an event with the company.

To configure this, follow these steps:

  1. Connect your Calendly account

  2. Choose your event

Connect your Calendly account

First, you need to connect your Calendly account by clicking '+Add account'.

Make sure to grant all requested permissions during the connection process.

Choose your event

Next, choose the event you want to use to book the meeting.

Only those events will show up which are already created before connecting your Calendly account.

If new events are added later, disconnect and reconnect your Calendly account.

Once you complete selecting your event, when the Calendly action block is executed in the chat flow, it appears as a pop-up covering the whole screen on the webpage.

Meeting details

All the meeting details when the meeting is booked are stored and accessible with these variables:

  • calendly_start_time

  • calendly_end_time

  • name

  • email

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