Setting up Link Tracking

With WotNot, you now have the ability to track the links used in conversation flow allowing you to have insights about link clicks

This functionality is available in our "Business Plan"

Since it is important to track the link clicks when you are running a campaign to have insights about webpage visits and to identify the success of your campaign, WotNot uses third party tool to shorten all the URLs present in the conversational flow for tracking.

The process that WotNot follows to track the links is the 3 step process. Lets go through each step in detail;

  1. API checks for the Links: On click of 'Deploy' button, our API is called and it checks for all the action blocks where the 'Link Tracking' is enabled by you

  2. URLs sent to Once all the URLs that are to be tracked are identified, the same are sent to for shortening

  3. Short Links received: then reverts it back with the short URLs that will be visible to the visitors and on click of which the original URL will open up In case of inbound bot, the short URL generated will be generic however unique for each visitor In case of outbound bot, we generate separate requests for each and each recipient of the campaign. For instance if there are 5 URLs that need to be sent to 100 recipients, a total of 500 URLs will be generated.

How does the URL look like?

Here is the snippet of how URLs will look like;

Original Link:

Short URL:


When a short URL is clicked, this is how the URL is expanded:


The following parameters are appended on the URL;

  • Wotbid: Identifies the bot ID of the bot from which the dialogue or URL is executed

  • Wotcid: Identifies the channel from which the dialog or URL is sent

    • 'wotcid = 1' Indicates Web channel

    • 'wotcid = 3' Indicates WhatsApp channel

    • 'wotcid = 4' Indicates Facebook channel

    • 'wotcid = 5' Indicates SMS channel

  • Wotvid: Indicates visitor ID at WotNot level (Every visitor speaking with WotNot’s chatbot is given a unique ID)

  • Wotvkey: Indicates visitor key at WotNot level

  • Wotreid: Indicates recipient ID, this helps us identify who was the actual recipient that opened/clicked the link.

In case the channel is WhatsApp or SMS, the recipient ID will be the phone number of the recipient In case the channel is Facebook, the recipient ID will be unique Facebook ID generated by the Facebook Incase the channel is Web, the recipient ID will be same as the visitor key generated at WotNot level If the channel is WhatsApp or SMS, the entire phone number along with country code will be visible in the URL when expanded from the Short URL

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