Google Calendar

Collaborate with your visitors and make it easy for them to view and book appointments.

Available on the STARTER plan and above.

The Google Calendar action block allows visitors to book appointments with you based on availability.

To use the Google Calendar, you will go across the following steps:

  1. Connect your Google account

  2. Create an event

  3. Configure the event settings

  4. Setup your meeting invite

  5. Collect contact details to book

Step 1: Connect your Google Calendar account

  1. Goto Settings -> User -> Calendar and connect your Google account.

  2. Choose the calendar in which events will be booked.

  3. Choose the timezone of your availability.

  4. Set your availability (Timeslots from this will be displayed to visitors)

Make sure you grant all the permissions as requested when connecting your account.

Step 2: Create an event

An event is a pre-set of what kind of meeting is to take place and who are the people among whom the event will be assigned.

  1. Click "+Create event" to create an event.

  2. Give the event a name.

  3. Choose the teammates/team who should get assigned to this event.


  • Slots are displayed to the visitor based on the availability of all users' in that event.

  • An event is always assigned to only one user.

You can only see the users/teams in the list who have connected their Google calendars.

Step 3: Configure the event settings

Customize how you want the event to be booked.


Slot duration

Length of the event. From 5 mins to 120 mins

Buffer time

A gap between two events booked from the chatbot, ranging from 5 minutes to 120 minutes.

Notice time

Meetings will only be booked X minutes in advance.

Limit future bookings

Total days whose slots are visible.

Step 3: Setup your meeting invite

Here, you configure the messaging of the calendar invite, which is sent to the attendees.

  • Subject - Subject of the meeting invite Like "Demo with WotNot".

  • Description - Brief details of what and why is the event taking place.

  • Location - You can include a Google Meet/Zoom meeting link here.

Step 4: Collect contact details to book the meeting

To book the event, it is mandatory to collect the name and email of the attendee.

You can customize this form to include other fields by creating new fields.

You can also enable the "Skip form" configuration, which will automatically skip this screen if data is already available.

As users who speak with your bot may have previously provided their contact details, the chatbot will smartly skip asking for the details again if it already knows the answer.

For every Google Calendar action block, you will find two output ports:

  • Success - When an event is booked successfully.

  • Failure - When there is a failure while booking the event.

[WhatsApp/SMS] Define the message copy

If you use Google Calendar on WhatsApp or SMS, you can change the copy of the message used to collect the date and timeslot.

Copy that can be changed:

  • Date selection

    • Question - Question asked when showing the list of dates.

    • Button text - On WA, clicking this button will display the list of dates.

    • Error message - When an invalid selection is made.

  • Timeslot selection

    • Question - Asked when showing the list of timeslots.

    • Button text - On WA, clicking this button will display the list of timeslots.

    • Erro message - When an invalid selection is made.

  • Confirmation message - Once the meeting is successfully booked .

Meeting details

You can use the following system variables to use the booked date and time:

  • gcal_selected_slot_time

  • gcal_selected_slot_date

  • gcal_selected_slot_day

Click 'Save' on every section of the action panel to save your changes for that event.

Choosing a different event from the event dropdown will show its configurations.

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