Weekly email report

We send weekly performance summaries to your email address to keep you updated about your chatbot's performance.

All admin users in the WotNot account will receive this email on Wednesdays at 5:30 am IST.

KPIs displayed are:

  • Conversations handled - How many chats were initiated.

  • CSAT rating - Avg rating users gave to the chat experience.

  • Contacts generated - How many users gave their contact detail i.e. email/phone.

  • Business value generated - We multiply no. of contacts with the business value defined in Settings > Account settings

  • Hours saved - Total amount of time the chatbot interacted with users.

  • Cost saved - # of hours saved multiplied with hourly cost defined in the Settings > Account settings page.

  • Top location - Locations from where the contacts gave their contact info.

  • Top pages - Webpages from where the contacts gave their contact info.

  • Top referrers - Top webpages from where contacts had originated before coming to the website and submitting their contact info

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