Displays a list of options for the user to choose from.

Available only for SMS and WhatsApp channels.

Using this action block you can display a list of options the user can choose from. It is most commonly used when a selection from a list of items is to be made.

The options in the list are displayed in an ordered list, such as:

Option action block is made up of the following:

  1. Message

  2. List of options

  3. Error message

  4. Variable

  5. Hot keywords


This is the question the bot would ask while presenting the list of options.

For example, "Please choose from the list of options below".

List of options

The list of options that are to be shown will be defined here.

Up to 10 options can be included in one action block. If you need more, you can nest 'Option' blocks together.

Users can select from options by typing the following,

  • The numeric digit i.e. 1, 2, 3...

  • Alphabetic name i.e. one, two, three...

  • Value of the option itself, i.e., Blue, Green, etc.

Error message

When submitting a selection from the list of options, if any input does not match the list, this error message will be shown along with the list of options.

The user will have to retry by entering a valid number.


Users can store the value of the selected option in a variable for future reference.

For example, if I choose 2 from the above image, 'Yellow' would be stored on the variable.

Learn more about variables.

Hot Keywords

You can define hot keywords that bring users to this action block, wherever they are in the conversation flow.

Imagine you are at a certain point in the flow. To return to this action block, you can type the keyword MENU.

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