You customize the live chat experience of your chatbot from the live chat settings page.

To customize the human handover settings goto Settings -> Human handover.

Human handover

This switch will allow the system to transfer the chats to your agents. If this switch is turned off, even if you are using a 'Talk to human' action block on your flow, it will not transfer the chat to the agent.

Think of it as a master switch to enable live chat.

There are 2 configurations that you can enable:

  • First, to assign chats to the 'Unassigned' tab if the human handover fails due to unavailability of the team.

  • Second, assignment rules only consider those agents who have an active WotNot tab on their browser.

Operational hours

Choose the operational hours in which the human handover should take place. Make sure you choose the correct time zone for your account from the Settings -> Account -> Settings page.

If a chat transfer occurs beyond the operational hours, the chats will move in the failure flow.

Goto Settings -> Live Chat to find all configurations.

Conversation threshold

Limits the number of chats assigned to an agent. If an agent is currently handling 5 active chats, the next chat will not be assigned to him due to the number defined here.

SLA (Service level agreement)

To ensure timely responses offered to visitors for their messages, you can enable an SLA timer.

Enabling this will immediately show the time left for the agent to respond back to the visitor's query.

Also, if the agent does not send a reply within the specified SLA time, it will be recorded in the Agent analytics page.

Auto-close duration

After an inactivity period as defined here, the chat will automatically close and move to the 'Closed' view.

Field visibility

Shows the number of expanded fields on the live chat page. Specifically this is for the view list, label list, and qualification details list.

Conversation card properties

Choose the fields you would like to show to the agent on the chat list.

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