An interactive way of collecting a value from the user.

Available on the WEB channel only.

Slider is used to collect a numerical value from the user in a visual way.

Below is how the slider looks like in the web channel:

A slider action block is made up of:


A question to give context to the user on choosing the value from the slider.


Enter the range values (Minimum to Maximum) that you want to allow the visitors to choose from.


Stores the selected value into this variable for future referencing.

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Enabling step account

By default, the slider will have a free-flowing slider.

Enabling this config allows you to create steps in the slider. Once enabled, you can choose the number of step counts to be displayed.

The value for the step count can be between 2 & 5

Unit for slider values

Select a unit for the slider values from the drop-down list, i.e., $, ‎€, ₹, £, °C.

By default, we do not have any unit assigned to the slider

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