Connect your zap with WotNot.

Available on the STARTER plan and above

Zapier integration lets you send data to a zap, which initiates its workflow.

You can follow the below steps in sequence to successfully integrate with Zapier:

Step 1: Add the β€˜Zapier’ action block in the flow by clicking on β€˜+’

Add the Zapier action block on the chatbot flow.

Keep in mind the Zapier integration will be triggered when the flow reaches this action block.

Step 2: Create a Zap on Zapier

Next, go to your Zapier account and create a Zap.

  1. Choose 'WotNot' as the trigger.

  2. Choose 'Zapier block activated' on "When this happens..."

  3. Add the WotNot token from the Zapier action block on the 'Connect WotNot' input

  4. Choose the 'Bot' from the dropdown

  5. Choose the 'Block' from the dropdown

Step 3: Test your zap

Once you have added the above information, click 'Test Action' to test the connection with WotNot.

As a result, you will see all the variables defined on that chatbot. These variables can later be referenced in the app that you want to integrate with using Zapier.

Step 4: Create your action with the destination app

Now, configure the action that you want to perform when this zap is triggered. It could be to create a lead on a CRM, send data to Google Sheets, etc.

Step 5: Publish the zap and go live

Click on β€˜Publish’ to publish the Zap and go live

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