Getting notification for leads

When the user interacts with the chatbot and provides their contact information, a lead is said to be created.

As your sales team needs access to the lead details, here are some ways to you can get notified:

Send an email notification

  • On the chatbot flow, after the contact information is collected, add a 'Send an email' action block.

  • Define the emails that should receive access.

  • Define the body with contact data to be sent or enable the whole chat transcript

Send an email

Google Sheets

Connect your Google Sheets and have the required lead data be sent when a new lead is created.

That way, you will always have the latest lead on the sheet.

Google Sheets


If you are using Salesforce, HubSpot, or Zoho as your CRM provider, you can use our native integrations and map the fields that you want to sync.

SalesforceHubSpotZoho CRM

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