Fetch records from your Airtable.

Available on the STARTER plan and above.

Available on the WEB channel only.

Airtable is a cloud-based database like Google Sheets to store data.

This integration allows you to fetch records from your database and dynamically render them as buttons, image carousels, or carousels.

Step 1: Connect your account

First, connect your Airtable account from the action panel or goto App market.

It will open the Airtable pop-up modal from which all permissions to the base you want to fetch records from.

Step 2: Filter the records you want to fetch

Now that your account is connected choose the base and table from which the records are to be fetched.

You will only see those bases for which you have granted permission during the authentication process.

If you do not see your base, reconnect your account by visiting App Market > Airtable.

Next, define the filter crtieria that you want to apply while fetching the records from the selected base and table.

The syntax to write the formula is same as what you would use in Airtable. Learn more about Airtable formulas.

Step 3: Choose how to render the data

Based on your applied filter, the records will be fetched from Airtable.

Here you choose how do you want to render the data -- i.e. as buttons, carousel, or image carousel.

Number of records fetched is determined on the formula you define.

Show Buttons:

You can choose to render the data as a branch/URL button.

  • Branch button - when clicked moves forward in the chat flow.

  • URL button - when clicked opens a URL.

  1. Define the question that will be asked when buttons are shown

  2. Choose the Airtable column whose data is to be shown as the button text

  3. If URL button is chosen, choose an additional field which contains the URL

Here we render the details in a carousel format with a set of cards.

  • Map 'Cover Image' with Airtable field that contains images

  • Map 'Title' with Airtable field that contains description. This will be the title of the card

  • Map 'Description' with Airtable field that contains description. This will provide the brief summary about the card. It is best to limit the text here to 2-3 lines

  • Define action for the buttons. Maximum upto 3 buttons can be added.

  • Define variable in which the visitor selection will be stored

Show Image Carousels:

Here we display a set of pictures in a carousel format. You can follow the following steps to configure it:

  • Select 'Show data' as 'Carousel'

  • Map 'Image' field with Airtable field that contains images

Step 4: Store the selected value in a variable

Once the button/carousel is displayed, you can choose a variable in which the data will be stored.

  • If button is chosen, the button text will be stored in the variable.

  • If carousel is chosen, the carousel title will be stored in the variable.

  • If image carousel is chosen, no variable support is provided.


The API has a rate limit of 5 request per second per base. If you exceed this rate, your bot will show an error and the visitors will need to wait for 30 seconds before subsequent requests will succeed.

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