Tracking Facebook Pixel

Available on the STARTER plan and above

Step 1: Add the following JS code after the Trigger action block

Immediately after the Trigger block, add a Javascript block and add the code shown below. This initialises the pixel code so that it can start listening to tracking events fired from the chatbot.

!(function (f, b, e, v, n, t, s) {
  if (f.fbq) return;
  n = f.fbq = function () {
    n.callMethod ? n.callMethod.apply(n, arguments) : n.queue.push(arguments);
  if (!f._fbq) f._fbq = n;
  n.push = n;
  n.loaded = !0;
  n.version = "2.0";
  n.queue = [];
  t = b.createElement(e);
  t.async = !0;
  t.src = v;
  s = b.getElementsByTagName(e)[0];
  s.parentNode.insertBefore(t, s);
fbq("init", "YOUR_FACEBOOK_PIXEL_ID");

Make sure you replace YOUR_FACEBOOK_PIXEL_ID with the actual value.

Step 2: Add the fire events code

Now, we will add the events that needs to be tracked on your pixel. To do this add a Javascript block immediately after the block whose event you want to track.

For example, in the screenshot below I want to track the event when someone fills the form after choosing Talk to sales.

We need to use a Javascript block after the block that you want to track, and add the event tag.

You can find the standard events supported by Facebook here 👉

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