Creating Loops

With WotNot, you will be allowed to take visitors back to the point where they can make the selection again or correct the selection in case they made the wrong selection

Use-Case Scenario:

You can create the loop in the conversational flow when the primary objective of the bot is to provide support to your customers or visitors.

For instance, after the conversation with the bot is over, you can prefer to ask the visitor if the query was resolved as per their expectation or if there is something else that they would like to have assistance with and on the basis of the selection made by the customer, you can navigate the flow.

You can create the loop in the conversation to ensure that the visitors have the option to correct the selection that they have made in-case any wrong selection was made rather than re-initiating the entire chat, they can just go back and select the right option.

Is this supported with a particular Action Block?

With WotNot, creating the conversation loop is possible with all the blocks.

How do I create the Loop?

It is very easy to create a conversation loop in WotNot. You can follow the following steps for creating the conversational loop.

  • Decide the 'Block / Flow' in the conversation where you would like to create a loop

  • In order to create the loop, long click on '+' icon of the block from where the you want to initiate the loop, drag the node to connect with the block where the loop ends

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