Cloning Bots

Tired of creating the same bot again & again? Well, WotNot has got your back. We offer a simple method to clone an existing bot

We know that there are different channels that the businesses are engaged in and building the same bot again & again for different channels can be time consuming.

In-order to avoid this, we support cloning of bots from once channel to another.

What are pre-requisites to clone the bot?

One of the most important conditions to be met is that the bot needs to be deployed at least once to be able to clone the bot. Reason being we consider the deployed version to copy its flow diagram.

How do I clone my bot?

You can follow the below mentioned steps to clone your bot for different channels;

  • Go to 'Bot Builder' & hover over the 'Bot' you want to clone

  • Click on 'Menu' to see the list of actions that can be performed on this bot

  • Click on 'Clone' & select the 'Channel'

You will only be able to see the 'Clone' option for the bot if the bot has been deployed Once the bot is deployed, you will be able to see the bot with prefix 'Copy of' created at the end of the list

What points do I need to keep in mind while cloning the bot?

While cloning the bot for different channel, there are several points that you will need to keep in mind as each channel has its own limitations;

Some action blocks compatible with one channel may not work with another. So you would be required to replace the non-compatible action blocks with some other action blocks.

For instance, 'Buttons' are supported on 'Web Channel' but not on 'WhatsApp'. In this scenario, if you are cloning the web bot for WhatsApp channel, you will need to replace all the 'Buttons' action block in the flow with the supported action block.

Once you click on โ€œUnderstood Thanksโ€, you will get access to the canvas. The action blocks that need to be changed or are supported with the channel will be having an explanation mark on the top of them in yellow

You can also get the list of errors present in the bot by using the error bugging button which is at the top right corner

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