Exporting a Contact List

Allows to have the list of contacts collected by the bot post interacting with the visitors in the form of CSV file

With WotNot, you have the ability to export the contacts through the 'Contacts' tab and download it in the CSV format.

You can either download or export only the unique contacts or all the conversations occurrences of that contact just by turning on or off the switch 'Show Unique Contacts'

How do I export the contact list?

To export the contact list, you can follow the following steps;

  • Select the 'Date Range' for which you would like to export or download the data

  • Select the 'Columns', you want it to be part of the report

  • Click on 'Export' to download the report

In case you do not find the email in the 'Inbox', you can also look for the same in 'Spam' folder

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