What are contacts in WotNot?

Set of information about the visitors who have shared their contact number and are willing to get contacted by the company with whom they have shared

When is Contact created in WotNot?

It is said to be created when the visitor interacting with the bot has provided either his/her phone number or email address.

WotNot also adds other system related information like values of the variables collected during the conversation as well as information about the City, Country, Zip Code etc..

There are three ways by which the contact is created in WotNot, they are;

  • Using 'Form': With this action block, the visitors will be able to fill up the for while having the conversation with the bot. You can define the fields of the form as per your preference

  • Using 'Collect Input': With this action block, the visitors will be asked to answer the questions while having a conversation with the bot. You can define the questions that the bot will be asking to the visitors

  • Passing contact details via APIs: When contact details are received via API call and stored into contact variables

Why are Contacts important?

Depending on the use case for which you are using the chatbot, contacts can have varying importance.

Going with the majority, if you are reading this article; it is most likely that you are using the chatbot to generate leads.

With Contacts,

  • You can view all the leads generated by the bot

  • You can filter and export the lead list for filtering or importing to CRM

  • Schedule reports to be sent on a daily or weekly basis

Can I export the contact list or inquiries collected by the bot?

There are three ways through which you will be able to export the contacts or inquiries collected by the bot, they are;

  • Direct Export: Select the date range along with required columns to export the list into CSV file

  • Schedule Report: Receive the contact report on defined email address either on daily basis or monthly basis

  • Integration with CRM: Integration with the chatbot with your CRM, so that whenever a lead or inquiry is generated, it is automatically sent to your CRM

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