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Building One Off Campaign

Reach out to your contacts that are already present in your CRM to run a one time campaign

What kind of campaigns can I run with One Off Campaign?

Well, you can run any kind of campaign as long as you have a CSV of contacts and a template for the message that you would want to send.
Some of the most common use-cases for One-Off Campaigns include,
  • New product offers notification
  • Feedback Survey
  • Coupon code to loyal customers
  • Announcements
  • New product launch
  • Festive wishes

What is the pre-requisites for creating the Outbound Bot?


You need to have a WhatsApp Business API or an SMS API to be able to use the Outbound Bot's functionalities.
This is a paid API that you would need to purchase from one of WotNot's approved partners.

WhatsApp API:

  • Meta
  • 360Dialog
  • Twilio
  • Unifonic
  • GupShup


  • Twilio
You can also purchase the APIs directly from WotNot. Reach out to us at [email protected] and our sales experts will get in touch with you

How do I set it up?

You can follow the following steps to set up the One Off Outbound Bot;
  • Click on 'Build a bot -> Build an outbound bot' from 'Bot Builder'
  • Choose 'One-Off'
  • Click on 'Trigger' and upload your 'CSV' file which contains the list of contacts that you want the outbound bot to reach out to
If your message requires 'text' replacement then make sure that this 'CSV' file includes that data WotNot will consider the first row of the 'CSV' file as the header text, which will be used for the mapping of fields with variables
  • Map the columns that you want to save on WotNot by giving them a variable name. Generally, this variable names would be the same as the column names
Make sure that there is a column which contains the phone number of the contact Without this, WotNot will not able to run the campaign Make sure that the numbers do not contains spaces or parenthesis. As it may cause errors while running the campaigns and ultimately lead to failure of message delivery to those contacts Also, make sure the numbers entered are with country code & without '+' sign
  • Add a messaging channel block i.e SMS or WhatsApp, and configure the template message that you want to send to those contacts
You can add a sequence of contacts by adding delays or using the branch action block to deliver a more personalised sequence Best practice says that it is always good to send at-least two messages to contacts
  • Once your flow has been created, double-check all the messages for typos or any other mistakes and hit 'Deploy'. A confirmation prompt will be shown to you for final approval before launching the campaign
Once the One-Off campaign has been initiated, it cannot be stopped. All contacts will start getting the messages that you have defined
You will be able to see the status of the One-Off campaign on the bot management screen
  • Draft: Means that the campaign has not yet been deployed
  • Sent: Means that the campaign has been executed and the contacts have received the messages