Send WhatsApp

This action block is only available for outbound bots. Using this block, you will be able to send messages on WhatsApp to your contacts

When can I use 'Send WhatsApp' action block?

With the help of 'Send WhatsApp' action block, you can;

  • Send Birthday Reminders

  • Promotional messages to a group of prospects or customers

  • Feedback surveys

  • Appointment booking confirmation

How do I set it up?

  • Add action block on canvas by clicking on '+'

  • Choose 'Send WhatsApp'

  • Double click on 'Send WhatsApp' to configure it on the right panel;

    • From: Select the number from which the message needs to be sent

    • To: Select the variable with which the phone numbers in CSV are mapped

    • Template: Select the template of the message that needs to be sent

If you are not able to select the number in 'From' column, it means that you have not configured WhatsApp Business API. You can configure the same by going into 'Channel Configuration -> WhatsApp -> Configuration' In case if you do not have the WhatsApp Business APIs, you can reach out to us at If you do not find any template, that means the templates are either not created or not approved. You can create or check the status of templates by going into 'Channel Configuration -> WhatsApp -> Templates'

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