Action block allows setting up the integration with Freshdesk, allowing bot to create and manage tickets

This integration is available from 'Business' plan onwards

Freshdesk is a popular ticketing system that allows your visitors to create and manage tickets.

Using this integration, you will be able to;

  • Create tickets

  • View existing tickets status

How do I configure my Freshdesk account?

There are two ways through which you can connect your Freshdesk account with WotNot;

  1. Through App Market: To connect your account through App Market, you can go to 'App Market -> Freshdesk -> Accounts -> Add Account'

  2. Using 'Freshdesk' action block: Or you can simply add the action block in the bot flow and click on 'Add Account'

How do I set it up?

To set up the integration between WotNot and Freshdesk, you can follow the following steps;

  • Add an action block on canvas by clicking on '+'

  • Choose 'Freshdesk'

  • Double click on 'Freshdesk' to configure it on the right panel

    • Add Account: Click on 'Add Account' to configure your account, so that WotNot can push and pull information from your Freshdesk account You can configure following to authorise your Freshdesk account;

      1. Account Name: The name that you want to keep for this Freshdesk account

      2. Helpdesk URL: Subdomain URL of your Freshdesk account like,

      3. API Key: API key of your Freshdesk account. You can find it here

    • Choose type of Integration: Once the account is configured, you can choose to perform the two actions supported by our Freshdesk integration i.e.

      1. Creating New Tickets: While creating tickets, you would need to map the Freshdesk fields with your WotNot variables. In order to create a ticket, you would need the following fields mapped,

        • Subject

        • Email

        The above mentioned fields are compulsory to create a ticket on Freshdesk. Although, you can map more fields if required. Fields from 'Freshdesl fields' will be auto populated

      2. View Ticket Status: To fetch the existing ticket status using Freshdesk integration, you first need to collect the ticket number from the visitor using a 'Collect Input' action block and save it in a variable. On the right panel, choose the variable which contains the ticket number. While fetching the status of the ticket number entered, WotNot will receive the following fields which you can choose to save in WotNot variables to be rendered on the chatbot as a message.

        1. cc_emails/fwd_emails/reply_cc_emails/ticket_cc_emails: [""]

        2. email_config_id

        3. group_id

        4. priority: "Urgent"

        5. requester_id: 84005322544, // visitor's unique Freshdesk ID

        6. responder_id: null, // Freshdesk agent's ID

        7. source: "Portal"

        8. company_id

        9. status: "Open"

        10. subject: "Need support to fix this..."

        11. product_id

        12. id

        13. type: "Question"

        14. due_by/fr_due_by

        15. description_text: "Some details on the issue .."

        16. created_at: "2022-02-10T07:12:39Z"

        17. updated_at: "2022-02-10T07:12:39Z"

        18. tags

        You can map the fields that you wish to save and use them in a 'Send Message' block to show the status of the ticket to the user.

    • Define outcome: Every Freshdesk action block will have two outcomes - Success or Failure. You can define the success and failure actions as per your need.

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