This integration allows you to sync all your ActiveCampaign contacts with WotNot & perform ABM strategy on your website

We now support ActiveCampaign integration. Enabling this integration, will allow you to sync your ActiveCampaign contacts to WotNot (not vice versa). You can map the fields of both ActiveCampaign and WotNot before beginning or after the sync starts.

This integration enables you to perform the ABM strategy on your website, so that you can proactively interact with the contacts that are on your website through email campaign, and utilise their synced contact details to make the chat more fun and engaging.

How does the Integration work?

  • Fetching subscriber ID from the URL: WotNot has created a parameter 'wvid' which needs to be mapped with 'SubscriberID' to identify the contacts. It needs to be part of the 'ActiveCampaign URL' in order for WotNot to identify the user. The URL would be looking something like this, ID%&aid=abc Here; wvid = parameter that WotNot reads SUBSCRIBERID = Assigned contact ID to each contact in ActiveCampaign E.g:

How do I set it up?

In order to configure ActiveCampaign account on WotNot, you can follow the following steps;

  • Go to 'App Market -> ActiveCampaign -> Accounts'

  • Click on 'Add Account'

  • Provide following details

    • Account Name: You can set the name of the account as per your preference

    • URL: URL of your ActiveCampaign account

    • API Key: API key of your ActiveCampaign account

Both URL as well as API Key will be available in your ActiveCampaign account. To access it go to 'Settings -> Developer -> API Access'

  • Click on 'Add Account' again to save the configuration

How do I map the fields?

In order to map the fields with WotNot variables that need to be synced, you can follow the following steps;

  • Click on 'Edit' option against your configured account

  • Switch on 'Enable Sync' to start syncing all ActiveCampaign contacts with WotNot

  • Click on 'Add Mapping' to start mapping the fields with variables

  • Create variable or use the existing one in the field under 'WotNot Variable' & select the 'ActiveCampaign' field from the drop down list that it needs to be mapped with

Contacts sync nay take upto few minutes and may extend depending on the contact list All the fields from ActiveCampaign will be visible including the custom fields as well You can switch on / off 'Overwrite' in order to overwrite the fields as per your preference You will have to click on 'Add Mapping' every time you want to map the variables with the ActiveCampaign field

  • Click on 'Save Mapping' to save the mapping

How do I check if the contacts are synced or not?

In order to check if the ActiveCampaign contacts are synced or not, you can follow the following steps;

  • Go to 'Contacts'

  • Click on 'Columns' & select 'Contacts Created By'

Contacts created by the sync will have the value 'ActiveCampaign' on it.

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