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The "Send Message" action block allows you to engage with your visitors by sending messages in a chat conversation.

The rich text editor supports all the languages i.e. now you can type your input in any language you want like French, Spanish etc..

Delay in sending messages on the basis of word count like if the content of the first message is large, the bot usually delays sending the second message for 2 to 5 seconds allowing the visitor time to read through the first message.

When should I use this block?

There are various reasons for which this action block can be used like for instances it allows you to greet your visitor, share information about the product or service or company as well.

How do I set it up?

Step 1: Add the Action Block

Click on the '+' button to add an action block on the canvas

Step 2: Select "Send Message"

Choose "Send Message" action block either from the list or by using the search field

Step 3: Open Configuration Panel

Double click on the "Send Message" action block to open the configuration panel on the right

Step 4: Rename the Block

Rename the block according to your preference. This name will serve as a "Goal" for insights into the visitor journey on the analytics dashboard

Step 5: Configure the Message

Use the rich text editor to configure the message. You can format the text using various options. Add text blocks by clicking on '+ Text' and include PDF/JPG files by clicking on '+ File'

Step 6: Use "Send this message as an info title"

Click "Send this message as info title" if you want to act as a title. When clicked, it will reveal the message configured under it.

Check "Track links in this message" to monitor all links present in the message

What formatting options do I have?

In the rich text editor, you can format your text using the formatting bar. It allows you to display your message to the visitor either in the Bold or Italics letters or even underline the selected part of the message. It also allows you to send the message in the bullet points or attach link with selected text.

  • Bold

  • Italics

  • Underline

  • Bullet Points

  • Link

You can also add emojis to make the conversation more casual and friendly

We do support up to 999 characters however we do recommend not to have more than 160 characters in a single message since anything more than this could impede the user experience

Can the messages be re-arranged?

The sequence of the messages / inputs space can also be changed as per the preference. You can hover over the block till the arrows are visible on the left of the input space, left click on arrow (hold), drag (upwards or downwards) & release it to the position as per the new sequence defined.

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