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Send an Email

This action block of WotNot allows you to get notified over email when any particular action in bot is performed.

When should you use it?

  • When the lead is generated
  • When the visitor has entered their details
  • When a conversation has been completed
  • When a conversation has reached a particular point

How do I set it up?

Setting up 'Send Email' action block
To setup the 'Send Email' action block, you can follow the following steps;
  • Add action block on canvas by clicking on '+'
  • Choose 'Send an Email'
  • Configure following on right panel
    • Send an email to: Define the email IDs of the users who need to be notified via email
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    • Subject: Define the subject of the email
    • Email Markup: Define the content of the email
    • Include Chat Transcript: You can switch on 'Include Chat Transcript' if you would like to receive entire chat transcript over the email