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Reply Buttons

Render up to three buttons in your conversation flow on WhatsApp
This feature is only supported for WhatsApp for the following WA API providers: 360Dialog, Meta, and GupShup
Using reply buttons makes it easy for the user to reply back to a question by giving a rich interface of buttons. Users can create a maximum of 3 buttons. If more are needed, it is recommended to use the istList or Options action block.
Preview of reply button on WhatsApp

Configurations on the action block

User can choose to show a header text or image from one of the following ways,
  • Text - Shows a text in bold
  • Media (Static) - Shows an image/video/gif
  • Media (Dynamic) - Allows you to enter a variable that can show rich media dynamically


The text will be the question associated while showing the list of options.
An optional field where a help text is entered. Mostly a disclaimer, visualized in a grey color.

Button name

You can add up to 3 buttons with different text.


Users can store the value of the selected list item in a variable for future reference.
Enabling this option will create short URLs for all the URLs mentioned in this action block.
This will only work if Link tracking is enabled in your account settings.