Renders a list of items grouped by categories on a drawer.

This feature is only supported on the WhatsApp channel for the following WA API providers: 360Dialog, Meta, and GupShup.

This action block is used for a rich approach of allowing users to choose from a list of options. Mostly used as an alternative to the 'Option' action block, as it it not user-friendly and prone to users from the users.

Configurations on the action block

Shows the text entered in a bold format -- making it look like a title.


The text will be the question associated while showing the list of options.

An optional field where a help text is entered. Mostly a disclaimer, visualized in a grey color.

Button name

Along with the above, there will be a button that is displayed, on click of which will we show the list of options in a drawer format.

Here you can write the name of the button like 'Choose', 'Select' etc.

Items & Categories

All the items that are to be displayed in the list are defined here. Each item contains the following information that can be entered,

  • Item name - Name of the item

  • Item description - A short description of the item

  • Category - List of all categories created

A maximum of 10 items and categories can be created.


Users can store the value of the selected list item in a variable for future reference.

(Refer this article to learn more about variables)

Enabling this option will create short URLs for all the URLs mentioned in this action block.

(Refer this article)

This will only work if Link tracking is enabled in your account settings.

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