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Calendar action block is used for collecting date from the or for booking appointments

When should you use this?

  • Collecting a date from the visitor
  • Booking appointments

How do I set it up?

Setting up 'Calendar' action block
To set up the 'Calendar' action block, you can follow the following steps;
  • Add action block on canvas by clicking on '+'
  • Choose 'Calendar'
  • Configure following on right panel
    • Date Selection: Configure the following under 'Date Selection' in the configuration message;
      1. 1.
        Show Message: You can set the message that you would like to send to the visitors along with calendar to book the appointment
      2. 2.
        Define Variable: Define variable in which the response of the visitors will be stored
      3. 3.
        Date Selection: Select nature of date selection from available options . You can enable 'Show Past Dates' to show the visitors past dates
    • Exclude Dates: Select the 'Exclude Dates' tab and define any exclusion of dates that you don't want to be visible in the calendar UI. You can exclude dates by either;
      • Selecting the days all together like Saturdays, Sundays etc.. This way all of these will not be selectable to the visitor.
      • Selecting special dates like Christmas, Diwali, EID etc..