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It is the platform that allows you to communicate with your customers on WhatsApp at scale
WhatsApp provides you with programmatic access to send and receive messages, automate interactions & integrate WhatsApp messaging into your existing system and workflows.
Key Features of using WhatsApp Business API include:
  • Messaging: You can send various types of messages to customers, including text, images, documents and media files
  • Templates: Allows you to create templates for structured messages & send them to the visitors or customers for common use cases like order confirmations, appointment reminders, shipping notification etc..
  • Two Way Communication: You can engage in two way communication with your customers & also allowing you to respond back to your customer inquiries, providing support & addressing their needs.
  • Automation: With the help of the API, you can automate the message responses using predefined rules and logic to ensure quick and efficient customer service
  • Rich Media: You can leverage the rich media features such as sending images, videos, and interactive buttons to enhance customer interactions
  • Account Verification: Allows you to verify your customer accounts by adding credibility and authenticity in your communication with the customers
  • Integration: APIs can be integrated with the CRM platforms & chatbot frameworks to streamline business processes and provide a seamless customer service
Its important to note that the WhatsApp Business API is separate from the regular WhatsApp application used by the individuals. The API is designed specifically for businesses and requires approval from WhatsApp or Facebook before it can be used Businesses interested in using the WhatsApp Business API, typically need to apply for access and adhere to specific guidelines and policies set by WhatsApp or Facebook.

What providers does WotNot supports for WhatsApp Business API?

WotNot has integration with following providers for WhatsApp Business API;
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To get the WhatsApp Business API for your business, you can either buy it directly from the above providers or can send us email at [email protected] and our team will source it out for you at the best prices