Setting up Fallback Variables

Allows you to assign a fixed value to a variable for cases when a required piece of information or value is missing

What are Fallback Variables?

Fallback variables are fixed value assigned to Variables for the cases when a required piece of information or value is missing.

If you have not defined the fallback value, a variable will be replaced with the blank space in case the variable does not have the value.

For instance, lets consider a scenario where the bot pulls up the name of the visitor from the URL parameters & stores it in the variable first_name. A default fallback value will be assigned to the variable first_name. In this scenario where the name of the visitors is missing from the URL parameter, the bot will automatically pull up the defined fallback variable value assigned to that variable to address the visitor

How do I assign Fallback Value to the Variable?

You can follow the following steps to assign fallback value to the variable;

  • Open the 'bot' of your preference and choose the action block where you have used the variable

  • Click on Variable to assign the fallback value

  • Enter the fallback value

  • Click on 'Right Sign' to assign the default value to the variable

The colour of the variable will change from Grey to Blue if the fallback value is assigned to it

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