This action block allows you to wait for a specific period of time before executing the next sequence of actions in the outbound flow

This block is usually used along with 'Branch' action block allowing you to pause and send follow up messages to the contact who have either seen the message or choose to ignore or to whom the messages have not been delivered.

You can either add this block before 'Branch' action block or after 'Branch' action block. It can be added before if you would like to wait before sending the message or after to wait for the read status.

What 'Delay' action block can do?

Delay can be added before or after an action with following units;

  • Hours

  • Days

This means that the next series of action will get triggered after X number of days or hours.

For instance, the numeric value here is 5 & option selected is hours; this means that from the next series of actions will be performed after 5 hours from the time campaign was activated.

Click on 'Queue' will navigate you to the 'Contacts' tab which highlights the contacts waiting to be executed.

How do I set it up?

You can follow the following steps to configure it;

  • Add an action block on canvas by clicking on '+'

  • Choose 'Delay'

  • Double click on 'Delay' to configure it on the right pane;

    • Value: Define the numeric value in field provided

    • Parameter: Select 'Days' or 'Hours' based on your preference

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