Related or past conversation

Highlights the historical conversations with the visitors who had interacted with the bot or the agent in past
In WotNot, you have the ability to access and review all the historic conversations between the bot or the agent and the visitors, providing you the insights about the talking points.
It is quite helpful from a support use case as while the agent talks to the visitor, they can quickly check the previous conversations with the visitors so that accordingly further assistance can be provided.
You can follow the following steps to access the Related or Past Conversations;
  • Access the 'Live Chat' screen
  • Select the conversation
  • If the visitor is known visitor, the details about the historic conversation will be visible under 'Related Conversation' on the right side of the screen
  • Click on conversation to review the historic conversation
The related conversation will also display details about who closed the conversation and when it was closed. The Historic conversation will open up in new window for review.