Live Chat Settings

All the configuration settings for the live chat i.e ensuring that the agents are not overburdened with the chats or defining the timeline within which the agents needs to respond

What parameters can I configure?


Conversation Threshold

Allows you to set the limit for the number of chats an agent will be handling simultaneously. This helps to ensure that agents are not overloaded with the chats. Maximum limit for the conversation threshold is 99

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

This setting allows you to set the timer within which the visitor message needs to be responded by the agent.

Auto Close Duration

Allows you to set the timer to close the conversation if no response is received from the customer. Maximum time post which the conversation will auto closed is 24 hours (1440 Minutes)

Field Visibility

Defines the maximum number of fields that are visible in a list. Beyond this, you will see 'Show More' to expand the list and see its value

Conversation Card Properties

Configure what are the default fields visible to you or the agent on the conversation card column of the live chat

Agent Availability:

You will be able to define the availability of the agents in-order to ensure that the agents are available to speak with the visitors as per the request i.e. defining the time or day

What are the parameters to define the availability of the agents?

Below are few of the parameters that you can configure to define the availability of the agents in WotNot;


Human Handover Switch

Turning this switch on, the system will continue to transfer the conversations to agents wherever the Human Handover action block is used If it is turned off, even though you have used the Human Handover action block, the action will not take place This will only work if you have created the Team in WotNot and have used the Human Handover action block in the bot flow

Unassigned Conversation

Makes sure that the conversation is still available in the 'Unassigned' queue so that when the agents become available, they can take over the conversation. Unchecking this setting will ensure that the conversation is closed if the Human Handover fails due to the unavailability of the team

Operation Hours

You can define the operational hours of the agents. This will be ensuring that the Human Handover is working only on the selected day & time

Days: You will be able to select the days i.e Monday, Tuesday etc.. when the agents will be available to speak with the visitors Human Handover will fail if any visitor request to speak with the agent outside the selected / operated days

Time: You can select the time frame i.e for instance user can select the time from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM when the agents will be available to speak with the visitors Human Handover will fail if any visitor request to speak with the agent outside operational hours

Human Handover Configuration:

Allows you to configure the action block that would invoke the Human Handover action at a point in the conversation flow, thereby transferring the control of the chat from the bot to the agent

When should I use it?

  • Transferring the chat to a Human agent

  • Involving your support team when the questions are not answered by the bot

How do I set it up?

You can follow the following steps to setup the Human Handover functionality;

  • Go to 'Settings -> Live Chat -> Human Handover'

  • Switch on 'Human Handover' functionality

  • Configure the agent availability under 'Operational Hours'

  • Add teammates in the 'Teammates' tab under 'Settings -> Account -> Teammates'

  • Create teams through the 'Teams' tab under 'Settings -> Account -> Teams'

  • Create a bot in the Bot Builder & add 'Human Handover' action block in the flow

  • Configure the 'Human Handover' block

What happens when the Human Handover is successfully invoked?

  • The agents of the team will get the browser notification about the Human Handover action has occurred

  • The agents will be able to reply to the chat assigned to them from the Live Chat screen

The agents will not be able to transfer back the conversation to the bot and hence this will be considered to be the end of the flow The agents will have to click on 'Mark Done' to close the conversation

What are the different scenarios when Human Handover can fail?

  1. Human Handover is disabled

  2. When no agent is available

  3. When Human Handover occurs beyond operational hours

Upon failure of this action block, the failure message configured by you in the action block will be sent to the visitor by the bot

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