Installation using Google Tag Manager

Using Google Tag Manager to host your website? Well we have got you covered

How do I set it up using Google Tag Manager?

In order to set it up on your website using Google Tag Manager, you can follow the following steps;
  • Go to 'Channel Configuration -> Web -> Configuration'
  • Enter the 'Website URL'
  • Copy the code snippet
  • Go to 'Tag Manager -> Workspace -> Tags'
  • Create 'New Custom HTML Tag' by clicking on 'New'
  • Paste the code snippet under 'Custom HTML' tag & set the trigger condition to 'All Page'
As per your preference, you can also set the trigger for only the pages that you want to show the bot on
  • Give appropriate name and save the tag
  • Preview the 'Tag' through 'Debug' and hit 'Publish' once ready
Now when the website loads, the chatbot will start showing up on all the pages defined in the trigger