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Embedding the Chatbot

With this functionality of WotNot, you now have the ability to embed the chatbot as a section on a webpage
With this functionality, you can now have multiple chatbots on different sections of a page in order to interact with the visitors without any additional CSS/HTML efforts from your end.

Benefits of embedding a chatbot?

  • Improves UX with an immersive view
  • Make your content interactive
  • Embed multiple bots on a single page
  • Ability to trigger certain bot only on certain section based on trigger condition

What are the ways to embed the chatbot?

There are two ways through which the chatbot can be embedded to your site, they are;
As a Chat Bubble
This will allow you to view the chatbot as a chat bubble. You can either have in on one page or on multiple pages based on your preference. All you will need to do is copy the following snippet on the pages of your website as per your preference.
<script src='' defer></script><br>
As an iFrame
This will allow you to embed the chatbot on the particular section of the page. All you need to do is copy the following snippet on the page of your website as per your preference.
You can also modify Width & Height using width & height field based on your preference in the following snippet
You can also hide or show the Header of the chatbot using the display_header field based on your preference. By Default it will be off.
<iframe width="640" height="480" src="" frameborder="0"></iframe><br>

How do I embed a Chatbot?

You can follow the following steps to embed the chatbot on your website;
  • Go to 'Bot Builder'
  • Click on 'Menu Gear' against the bot you would like to embed
  • Select 'Embed'
  • Click on 'Two Page' icon to copy the code provided for displaying it as Chat Bubble or having it an iFrame based on your preference
  • Paste it either on all the pages or selective pages based on your preference
By default this will be 'On' for all the chatbots build for web channel