Chatbot Appearance

This setting allows you to customise the look of the chatbot as per your preference however this is only limited to web channel

How do I access the Appearance Screen?

To access the Appearance screen, you can go to 'Channel Configuration -> Web -> Appearance'

What can I customise on the Appearance Screen?

Following are few parameters that will change the appearance of your chatbot;

  1. Chat Widget Theme: WotNot currently offers only 'Modern Theme' to give suitable look to your chatbot however you can design your own theme using Custom CSS

    • Modern Theme: Modern theme gives the user experience of how the technology has evolved over the time to get rid of the buttons and give attractive look to the web pages

  2. Widget Icon: You can now have your own widget icon that will appear on your webpage/website. The size that we recommend is 64 x 64

  3. Header Text: This allows you to name your bot as per your preference

  4. Header Logo: This allows you to have the profile image for your bot. The size that we recommend is 512 x 512

  5. Bot Icon: This will allow you to set the bot icon that will be visible to the visitors. The size that we recommend is 512 x 512

  6. Hint Text: You can customise the text that you would like to make it visible to your visitors

  7. Accent Color: This allows you to set the color of the bot & provide you the option to choose the color that compliments your brand color on the website

  8. Font Color: You also have the option of setting the color of the fonts and match the primary color

  9. Chat Interface Postion: You can define the position of the bot. It can be either set on the right or the left of the screen as per your preference

  10. Notification Sound: You do have the option to turn on or off the notification sound so that visitor is made aware about the message that they will receive from the bot

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