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Traditional way of building an AI Model in WotNot
This is the traditional feature of WotNot that allows you to build the knowledge base within WotNot for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).
You can follow the following steps to create the Intents in WotNot;

Step 1: Create an Intent

To create the Intent in WotNot, you can click on 'Add Intent' & configure the following;
  • Title: Provide the name of the intent or title of the intent. For instance if the intent focuses on addressing the queries related to product return policy, you can provide the name of the intent as 'product_return'
  • Training Phrases: Provide the questions that the visitors can possibly ask the bot in regards to the intent. For instances questions like 'What is the return policy?' etc.. We recommend you to provide at-least 5-7 questions for the bot to be accurate
  • Response: Define the response in the space provided that the bot will send out to the visitors whenever the phrase from the intent is triggered by the visitor. You also have the ability to share the file along with the text.

Step 2: Save the Intent

Click on 'Save' to save the intent and for the bot to start training itself.
You have the ability to create multiple intents however for the bot to be effective in responding back to the queries, we recommend to have at-least 2 intents

Step 3: Connect with the bot

Once you have successfully trained the AI Model, you can head back to the Bot Builder screen to build the bot flow. To connect it with the AI Model, you will need to use the 'AI Model' action block.

Step 4: Keep it updated

Sometimes it does happen that the visitors are asking the questions which the bot is not trained on. WotNot keeps track of those questions received from the visitors and you can further train this bot to answer these questions.
There are two methods to train the bot on these questions. They are;
  1. 1.
    Add to the existing intent: In order to add intent to the existing intent, the user can click on 'Train Existing Intent'. When you click on this, a new window will pop up. You will have to search for the intent in order to add to it. Once you click on 'Add', it will take you back to the 'Intent' screen where the phrase will be added and you will need to click on 'Save Intent' to train the bot.
  2. 2.
    Create new intent: You can create the new intent as well just by clicking on 'Create new intent'
Visit this link to know about setting up AI Model Action Block