From File

Build an AI Model based on a file
With our new integration with ChatGPT (OpenAI), you can now build the AI Model by uploading file. The bot will crawl over the content of the file and train itself.
  • Currently we support only files with .txt, .csv, .pdf, & .docx format
  • The maximum size allowed for the upload is 5 MB
To build the AI Model, you can follow the following steps;

Step 1: Create an AI Model

To create an AI Model, you will first need to go to 'AI Studio' section. Once you are into 'AI Model', click on 'Build an AI Model' & then select 'From File'

Step 2: Upload the file

To upload the file, you can follow the following steps;
  • Upload the file by clicking on 'Upload File'
  • Choose the model you want to train the AI model with
  • Click on 'Save' once the file is uploaded
  • Click on 'Add File' to upload multiple files
  • We use OpenAI APIs to train the AI model

Step 3: Train the Model

Once the file is uploaded, you can then click on 'Train' to train the AI Model.
Email notification will be sent once the AI Model is trained

Step 4: Connect with the bot

Once you have successfully trained the AI Model, you can head back to the Bot Builder screen to build the bot flow. To connect it with the AI Model, you will need to use the 'AI Model' action block.
Visit this link to know about setting up AI Model Action Block
Last modified 4mo ago