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Carousel action block is set of cards that represent something whether its product or service
There are two types of Carousel blocks that WotNot offers. They are;
  1. 1.
    Image Carousel: When you just want to display show a set of images in a card, not requiring any input to move forward in the conversation flow
  2. 2.
    Carousel: When you want to display details along with image along with CTA buttons to move forward in the conversational flow

When should you use it?

  • Displaying set of products or services
  • Wanting to let the visitors choose from variety of options
  • Give an image for a button
  • Showing a set of images
Setting up 'Carousel' action block
You can follow the following steps to set up the 'Carousel' action block;
  • Add action block on canvas by clicking on '+'
  • Choose 'Carousel'
  • Configure it on right panel
    • Adding a card: Click on '+ Card' to add an card. Maximum 10 cards can be added in a 'Carousel'
    • Configuring the card: Click on 'Card' to configure the following;
      1. 1.
        Card Image: Click on 'Upload an Image' to upload the image
      2. 2.
        Card Name: Provide the name of the card in the text editor
      3. 3.
        Card Description: Provide description about the card in the rich text editor
    • Buttons: Carousel supports two type of buttons;
      1. 1.
        Call to Action: Using this button, it will allow you to decide the next set of action or flow visitor will be navigated to
      2. 2.
        URL Button: Using this button, you can configure the URL where you would like to navigate the visitor to
Maximum 3 buttons can be added to one card.