Configuring the webhook on WotNot

Once the permanent token is generated, the final step is to configure the APIs in WotNot and web-hook in the created app. You can follow the following steps to configure the APIs

  • Login into your WotNot account (

  • Go to 'Channel Configuration -> WhatsApp -> Configuration'

  • Configure the following;

    • Add phone number on which you have connected the APIs

    • Select 'WhatsApp Business API provider' as 'Meta'

    • Paste 'WhatsApp Business Account ID, App ID & Phone Number ID'

You will find this in the 'App' you have created under 'WhatsApp -> API Setup'

  • Paste the 'Permanent Token'

  • Click on 'Save' to save the configuration

  • Now click on 'Copy' against the 'Webhook' generated by WotNot

  • Navigate back to the App created and follow the following steps to configure the webhook

    • Go to 'Configuration' under 'WhatsApp'

    • Click on 'Edit' against 'Callback URL'

    • Paste the 'Webhook' copied under 'Callback URL'

    • Paste the 'Token' under 'Verify Token' & click 'Verify & Save'

    • Click on 'Manage' against 'Webhook Fields'

    • Click on 'Subscribe' against 'Messages' & then click on 'Save' to save the configuration

Once you have followed the above steps, the API is configured. All you need to do is connect the bot to the number and start using the APIs

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